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The selection of 1000’s of sq. kilometres of Bulgarian territory (making it part the scale of the United Kingdom)
Thousand toes prime ? that?s Mount Musala, the best level within the nation (just below 3 thousand metres, as lofty as all however the largest Alps, and dwarfing Britain?s Ben Nevis (1,340 m).
9 additionally represents the selection of towns in Bulgaria with a inhabitants more than 100,000 (Sofia, the capital, has a bit of over one million citizens).
The proportion of Bulgaria below the plough: it is vitally a lot a farming country (evaluate Britain?s 23%)
Million folks ? that?s Bulgaria?s inhabitants: having a look at it otherwise, Bulgaria has 68 folks consistent with sq. kilometre, when compared with Britain?s 250 ? and the Bulgarian inhabitants is falling!
The selection of British pence which equivalent one Bulgarian lev (so there are just below 3 leva to the pound)
It’s also the share of Bulgaria?s land which is roofed in wooded area
1000’s of kilometres of dual carriageway, the same quantity in each Britain and Bulgaria ? and Bulgaria, have in mind, is part the scale!
The selection of herbal scorching springs in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is 2 hours forward of Greenwich intervening time (3 in summer time).
Skilled football golf equipment in Bulgaria?s premier department
The selection of years that Bulgaria used to be dominated through the Turks (1396-1908).
The selection of recognized caves in Bulgaria?s mountains: there are masses ready to be came upon.
The selection of Bulgarian kings (within the trendy generation, in any case): they began with Alexander in 1879, and ended with Simeon II in 1946 (he used to be deposed through the Russians when he used to be ten years previous, however lived on in exile, returning to Bulgaria to change into high minister of his nation ? he gained the 2001 elections)
The selection of days an EU citizen can spend in Bulgaria with out requiring any visa or particular shuttle paperwork.
Proportion of the Bulgarian inhabitants which is ethnically Turkish.
The selection of kilometres (240 miles) of Black Sea beach loved through Bulgaria.
The international locations that have land borders with Bulgaria: Rumania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia

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