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All other folks on this planet know the significance of consuming breakfast and each and every nation has their conventional breakfast for its other folks. English other folks have their fried eggs, beans, bacon and mushrooms. Pakistan other folks have their chapattis. Chinese language other folks have their noodles or congee.
If any person occurs to come back to discuss with Hong Kong, one could have any varieties of breakfast one wants.
As a result of Hong Kong’s inborn nature, you will discover conventional congee stores in every single place in Hong Kong. Congee comes with other elements. You’ll have congee with minced beef, with pig’s abdomen and intestines, with thousand 12 months previous egg and salted beef meat, with octopus and minced pork and pig’s pores and skin (other folks name it boat’s congee as it used to be was to be had simplest on boats), and plenty of others. It’s one’s option to have a bowl of congee with a couple of deep fried breads caught in combination, or deep fried bread wrapped with rice noodles. If you do not love to have the rest deep fried for breakfast, you’ll have congee with fried noodles simplest. This taste of breakfast might appear not unusual amongst us however is also tricky to be approved via any person who comes from the west.
My husband is a type of who unearths it obscure why other folks could have one thing so sizzling for breakfast in a spot with the temperature over 30 stage centigrade.
In fact if you do not fancy the rest so traditionallly Chinese language, one too can to find bread and butter in Hong Kong for breakfast.
To me, the most suitable option is to have breakfast in a type of rapid meals taste Chinese language tea eating places. Those puts do not simplest be offering tea. In truth, other folks can revel in all varieties of foods from early within the morning until overdue within the evening. Generally in those puts, other folks could have many mixtures of breakfasts as you wish to have. My maximum favorite will be the aggregate of bread and butter, ham in omelette, a bowl of soup noodles crowned with Chinese language salted greens and beef cubes, and in any case finished with a cup of both tea or espresso. This set of breakfast would value about HK$20. Then one can move to paintings feeling complete with meals of each the western and Chinese language types.
As you could have recognized, potency and comfort are what Hong Kong other folks price. Very regularly we do not have the time to revel in a complete meal like that. On this case, we might forage throughout the fridge and notice what we will to find there within the morning. Fried rice left over from the evening prior to dinner is also one sensible choice for breakfast. Or the rest you suppose that may be too heavy to start out the morning with will also be appropriate to us Hong Kong other folks. I nonetheless keep in mind that one morning remaining month after the Mid-autumn pageant when each and every circle of relatives used to be flooded with packing containers of mooncakes, a colleague of mine instructed me that she had eaten a complete large mooncake for breakfast simply because she had too lots of them at house. I’m certain for many who understand how fattening and sugary a mooncake is can believe what tolerance one should have if he can swallow a mooncake in a single move.

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