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Armenia prides itself on being the primary country to officially undertake Christianity (early 4th century). In spite of classes of autonomy, over the centuries Armenia got here below the sway of more than a few empires together with the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Persian, and Ottoman. It used to be integrated into Russia in 1828 and the USSR in 1920.
Armenian leaders stay preoccupied by means of the lengthy battle with Muslim Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, a basically Armenian-populated area, assigned to Soviet Azerbaijan within the Twenties by means of Moscow. Armenia and Azerbaijan started combating over the realm in 1988; the fight escalated after each nations attained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.
By way of Would possibly 1994, when a cease-fire took hang, Armenian forces held now not handiest Nagorno-Karabakh but additionally a good portion of Azerbaijan right kind. The economies of each side had been harm by means of their lack of ability to make considerable development towards a calm answer. Turkey imposed an financial blockade on Armenia and closed the average border on account of the Armenian career of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding spaces.
Armenia is positioned within the southern Caucasus and is the smallest of the previous Soviet republics. It’s bounded by means of Georgia at the north, Azerbaijan at the east, Iran at the south, and Turkey at the west. Recent Armenia is a fragment of the dimensions of historic Armenia. A land of rugged mountains and extinct volcanoes, its easiest level is Mount Aragats, 13,435 feet (4,095 m).
Govt: Republic
President: Robert Kocharian (1998)
High Minister: Andranik Markarian (2000)
House: 11,506 sq mi (29,800 sq km)
Inhabitants (2004 est.): 2,991,360 (enlargement fee: ?0.3%); (Armenian, 93%; others, Kurds, Ukrainians, and Russians); beginning fee: 11.4/1000; toddler mortality fee: 24.2/1000; lifestyles expectancy: 71.2; density in step with sq mi: 260
Capital and biggest town: Yerevan, 1,462,700 (metro. space), 1,267,600 (town right kind)
Different massive towns: Vanadzor, 147,400; Gyumri (Leninakan), 125,300; Abovian, 59,300
Financial unit: Dram
Language: Armenian 96%, Russian 2%, different 2%
Ethnicity/race: Armenian 93%, Russian 2%, Azeri 1%, different (most commonly Yezidi Kurds) 4% (2002).
Be aware: as of the top of 1993, just about all Azeris had emigrated from Armenia
Faith: Armenian Apostolic 94%, different Christian 4%, Yezidi 2%

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