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In March of 1999, the Guinness Guide of Data bestowed upon Resort Everest View the identify of Absolute best Positioned Resort within the Global. This lodge is located 13,000 toes (3,964 m) above sea stage in Sagarmatha Nationwide Park within the Southern Khumbu area of Nepal. With its sumptuous lodging, visitors keep overlooking the Himalayan peaks and Mt. Everest.
A Jap building corporate, Trans Himalayan Excursions Ltd, constructed the Resort Everest View in 1968. In October of 1973, the lodge opened its doorways for the primary time. The lodge was once constructed with the intentions of attracting rich Jap vacationers in the hunt for sumptuous getaways that introduced a panoramic view of Mt. Everest. With a view to accommodate vacationers, the Shyangboche airstrip was once constructed to obtain non-public plans and helicopters.
Sadly, the Jap vacationers encountered some difficulties adjusting from a decrease altitude to ten,000 toes above sea stage. Vacationers flying into the Shyangboche airstrip from Japan skilled terrible movement illness, together with nausea and vomiting. Although Resort Everest View introduced a wonderful view of the encircling peaks and fine quality lodging, visitors had been not able to experience themselves.
Resort control attempted desperately to unravel the problem by way of supplying visitors with oxygen tanks, however the issue nonetheless remained. It was once after a number of deaths had been reported that the federal government in spite of everything took motion and compelled the Shyangboche airstrip to close down, leaving Jap vacationers to fly into Lukla (9,200 toes) and stroll three-days up the mountainside.
Removal of chartered flights into Shyangboche airstrip led to a devastating impact on tourism for Resort Everest View. Only a few vacationers would undergo the three-day hike up the mountainside to benefit from the facilities of the lodge. Industry declined unexpectedly and left the power naked. Since than, the Shyangboche airstrip has reopened to move tools and provides to Mount Everest. Vacationers which can be conversant in the altitude fly into Shyangboche airstrip to discuss with the Resort Everest View.
Vacationers nonetheless climb up the mountainside from Namche Bazaar, within the Himalayas, to stick at Resort Everest View. Even though the menu has modified from ravishing foods to gentle meals and cold and hot drinks, this Jap run status quo’s lodging are nonetheless breathtaking. For an affordable price ($170-$270 in line with evening), visitors can experience a sumptuous room overlooking the encircling peaks.
Resort Everest View is staffed with Sherpa other people, who’re natives to the Mt. Everest area. ‘Om mani padme hum’, a Tibetan Buddhist mantra, is inscribed at the lodge internal partitions. Those historic stone carvings function a relentless reminder of the Sherpas’ deep non secular ideals. A Sherpa excursion information is available for visitors.
Airplane or helicopter charters are to be had for visitors that need a extra direct flight to the lodge. Visitors might also make the most of a 50 minute flight over Shyangboche from Kathmandu and stroll 45-minutes up the mountain path to Resort Everest View.
Reservations and transportation may also be organized via:
Resort Everest View
P.O. Field 1624
Durbar Marg
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-01-224854
Shyangboche: 977-038-40118
Fax: 977-01-227289
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