Title: An Open Letter to All VW Owners

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Volkswagen homeowners have an opportunity to make riding extra amusing and make a favorable affect at the highway. That is a call for participation — an try to evoke camaraderie within the VW international.

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When you?re now not from rural The us, you most likely don’t notice that during small cities or on American Indian lands, other people nonetheless greet each and every different via waving or elevating their hand off the guidance wheel for a 2d. If you’re from a extra rural setting, the crowded town is a Crocodile Dundee-type tradition surprise. There are exceptions then again. Ever spotted how bike riders recognize each and every different at the highway? Regardless of if the rider is a lifelong Harley dude, a Gold Wing cruiser, a newby, or a grizzled veteran, all of them decrease a hand towards the street to mention ?hiya? when some other bike passes in the other way. Giant rig truckers have extra conversation indicators than some other people?s vocabulary. The street has grow to be an everlasting fixture in American tradition with a steadily increasing language, distinctive customs, and rising citizenry (sure, many of us have in reality given up their land-bound properties to continue to exist the street).

So what, you are saying? Whilst as an individual who has studied conversation widely, I in finding this phenomenon attention-grabbing. It speaks to a bond and shared subcultures that go beyond, if most effective momentarily, the pervasive divisions of monetary standing, race, gender, geography, and age. As a strengths-based practitioner, I believe easy salutations have inside of them a definite energy that may well be harnessed in alternative ways.

As a very long time Volkswagen proprietor, I’ve an offer. First let me define a few assumptions. Primarily based alone admittedly biased viewpoint I’m saying that almost all VW homeowners are higher than reasonable drivers with a top level of alertness, a worth of security measures, and an appreciation for sensible, responsive engineering (phrase to the insurance coverage firms). We adore taking part in our song, saying our individuality, and discovering techniques to cleverly touch upon societal inconsistencies by the use of bumper stickers, even supposing they’re from time to time taped within the window to keep the paint activity. VW homeowners additionally appear to be much more likely to head mountain climbing or have interaction in different outside interests (consistent with a contemporary VW industrial, now not my very own behavior) and I additionally suppose they have a tendency to be a peace-loving other people, without reference to political birthday party association.

Thus, I believe we will have to get started greeting each and every different at the highway with a peace signal. It doesn?t should be flashy?simply two hands raised in a V at the guidance wheel will do (is it a accident that the peace signal is a ?V?? I believe now not). If you are feeling exuberant, stick your hand up from your solar roof. On a bike it’s normally the driving force who makes the signal, however in a automotive you’ll be able to have extra other people take part a lot in the way in which ?slug worm? video games used to preoccupy my formative years. Having extra drivers searching for peace, sending peace as a message, and selling peace in a funny manner will most probably have a miles better affect than indignant epitaphs aimed on the govt. It is going to elevate certain endorphins, building up a way of group, and make other people smile, which as analysis has proven is just right in your psychological (and bodily) well being.

So, VW drivers, unite! Hippies, yuppies, anarchists, skaters, skiers, bikers, cyclists, church girls, diplomats, then again you notice your self and whoever you’re! When you?re VW proprietor and a biker, you’ll be able to upload yet another factor on your repertoire. When you?re additionally a trucker, you’re going to quickly be much more of a virtuoso at the highway.

This easy observe can remind us of what number of people on this planet simply need to reside in peace, relax with their homies, and jam to a couple tunes. By way of continuously disposing of peace in our non-public existence and our personal communities, we don’t seem to be converting the sector for the simpler to the perfect level that we will as a result of we’re losing the opportunity of our collective behavior. Let?s check out being creatively non violent each day. It?s now not in point of fact that sophisticated. Then, will have to push come to shove, we?ll be alert, wholesome peacemongers in rapid automobiles.

Peace, out. V.

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